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    PE Tanks, Trunk-shaped

    • Made of high quality, age-resistant and recyclable polyethylene Manufactured in one piece using centrifugal moulding
    • Space-saving, trunk-shaped design Low centre of gravity
    • Standing surface for the 600 ltr tank matched to Euro-pallet dimensions
    • 2,000 ltr tank can still be fitted transversely on the Unimog flatbed
    • 2" internal thread connection with indentation on the end
    • 2" internal thread connection options on the long sides (only 2000 ltr tank)
    • Option of installing the proven CEMO 3-hole flange onto the 2000 ltr tank
    • 1" internal thread fitting for complete drainage
    • 380mm diameter dome with swash baffle and hinged cover
    • Ventilation valves installed on the hinged cover
    • Handles and lugs for tensioning belts
    • Integral securing flange for direct mounting on the vehicle flatbed