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    Standard and Premium Bunded Diesel Tanks

    Fuel Point Bunded Diesel Tanks are designed for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage of Diesel fuel oil. Benefiting from integrally bunded construction, the fuel tanks consist of a ‘tank within a tank’. The inner fuel tank is the primary fuel storage container, whilst the outer tank (or bund) acts as a failsafe. In the event of a spill from the inner fuel tank, surplus fuel will be safely and securely contained within the outer tank. All our Fuel Points are fully compliant with all prevailing and expected Irish, UK and EU fuel tank requirements.

    • Diesel resistant suction pipe with mesh strainer
    • Non-return valve
    • 5m fuel resistant delivery hose
    • Trigger nozzle with automatic shut off
    • Lockable fuel tank fill and inspection points
    • Inlet Diameter: 50.8 mm 
    • Colour: Green
    • Flow Rate: 56 ltrp/min