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    KS-Mobile Easy

    KS-Mobile Easy 120 ltr and 190 ltr approved for transport under ADR approval no. D/BAM 14341/31H2 Examinations every 2½ years corresponding ADR b*** and ADR b. CEMO offers professional training courses on the subject. Fully assembled.


    • Single-walled 120 ltr or 190 ltr Electrically conductive highly cross-linked polyethylene
    • Patented flame suppressant filling Dipstick for checking fill level Integral delivery nozzle holder Integral filling tube
    • Integral ventilation and pressure relief Integral forklift pockets
    • Integral handles
    • Integral recesses for tensioning belt during transport

    Pre-assembled pump:

    • 25 l/min hand pump, 2.7 m filling hose (statically conductive) and manual nozzle
    • Self-priming electric pump 12 V DC resp. 40 V AC 40 l/min, ATEX-approved, automatic delivery nozzle, 4 m filling hose (statically conductive) and 4 m electrical cable (pump 230 V without cable)