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    Bunded Oil Tanks & Single Skin Oil Tanks

    Bunded Oil Tanks:

    For the safe secure storage for home and commercial heating oil. Each tank is rotationally moulded from approved polymers to create an unstressed product, optimised for strength, impact resistance and longevity. To protect against the damaging effects of sunlight, all our bunded oil tanks are fully UV stabilised and unlike steel tanks, they will never rot, rust or corrode and do not require painting.

    Single Skin Oil Tanks: 

    Designed for installation either at premises where a bunded oil tank is not required, or within a suitably bunded area, our single skin plastic oil tanks are low maintenance and UV stabilised, for protection against the damaging effects of sunlight. Ideal for heating oil. Manufactured from medium density polyethylene, The SE range of single skin oil tanks will never rot, rust or corrode and don’t require painting.

    • Inlet Diameter: 50.8mm
    • Outlet Diameter: 25.4mm 
    • Colour: Green