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    Farm & Equine CCTV

    Protect your Farm and Equine Property with our new exciting range of cost effective CCTV technology products

    • Quick and easy to set up
    • View images from your Smart phone, Ipad, PC or Laptop
    • Help Protect your Property and animals from Theft 

         Benefits of farm video surveillance


    Improved control increases efficiency and safety

    Now it is easier than ever to get perfect control over what happens on the farm. It does not matter where you are, and it works round the clock. With a digital camera monitoring system, you get a smart, flexible and cost-effective way to keep track of everything, from what happens in the courtyard to what goes on by the milking robot, in the calving pen and around the diesel tank. Everything is integrated in an easy-to-use system built to the highest quality. Best of all is the ability to track everything in real time right on your smartphone or tablet.

    On a farm, there are plenty of things that must work to avoid interruptions and delays in the daily operations. Any interruption or change in routines can cause significant losses, and to keep track of everything at any given moment is an important part of every farmer’s normal day. From early morning to late evening.The latest generation of camera surveillance introduces completely new opportunities to increase efficiency and security in the daily life on a farm.

    The system, which usually consists of wireless, robust HD cameras with motion detectors and alarm and recording features, is easy to install and can be tailored to the farm’s unique needs and conditions. With a few simple steps, anyone can install the camera system – and you can then see everything that happens on your farm in real time on your smartphone or tablet. In the daily work on a farm, this is simply a blessing.

    You get better control of everything that happens – and the concept has even been proved through EU research that shows that camera surveillance is an effective way to improve animal welfare, increase production and reduce environmental impact


    As competition in agriculture increases, the margins for interruptions or shut-downs in daily operations have become increasingly smaller. The earlier you can detect and correct a discrepancy, the smaller the risk of costly downtime or unwanted thefts.

    “I simply open the app on my our smartphone, and right away I am in my cowshed to check if something has gone wrong and allow me to immediately intervene. The system is invaluable in this kind of tough business where any anomaly will affect the bottom line.”

    Hans and Katarina Johansson, organic dairy farmers.

    With an Internet connection, using the camera monitoring system it is possible to monitor what goes on at the farm both day and night. You no longer need to be physically present, but can instead use your smartphone or tablet to stay informed and track everything that happens. No more long walks from one place to another, and you save valuable time and become more efficient. At the same time, you will feel more secure since you constantly can keep an eye on what happens via your phone or tablet.  

    With the camera monitoring system, it is also possible to monitor critical processes such as calving and to immediately be alerted if movement is detected near the diesel tank. You will feel more secure, while animal welfare improves – this also contributes to a more relaxed everyday life.

    “Having total control without constantly having to run from one place to the other saves time and makes us more efficient. This especially applies when we have calving, when it is crucial nothing goes wrong. Now we can easily follow the process in real time via a mobile phone and quickly intervene when necessary. It brings a completely different kind of security and we can sleep peacefully at night.”

    Hans and Katarina Johansson, organic dairy farmers 


    A camera monitoring system must be designed to meet the special needs of farms. This means that all system components, including the software, must be rugged, waterproof, reliable, easy to install and easy to use in everyday life.

    “The system is simple to use and user-friendly – and it provides greater security. Even the simplest thing, like being able to see visitors or arriving deliveries, can be monitored from my phone. This control makes everyday life feel safer and more secure. And always having control right from my mobile is simply fantastic. I am now able to do more things at the same time.”

    Göran Sahlberg, pig breeder.

    Today’s wireless cameras offer clear, full-coverage pictures both in daylight and total darkness. The cameras are equipped with motion detectors, alarms and a recording feature and can be quickly and easily installed at a very modest cost. The entry threshold has become much lower. Compared to only ten years ago, for just one-tenth of the cost farmers can get a highly efficient high-quality camera monitor system specially adapted to the tough conditions on the farm.



    picture of a diesel thief filmed by a surveillance camera  

    • Saves time by allowing you to always keep track of critical operations via a smartphone or tablet no matter where you are or the time of day.
    • Increases efficiency by reducing the risk of unwanted downtime and interruptions.
    • Increases security since the system alerts users of unexpected events and unwelcome visitors.
    • Contributes to improved animal welfare because you can always follow what happens e.g. in connection with calving or milking at the robot.
    • Reduces the risk of environmental effects because you can immediately see when something goes wrong.
    • A robust, easy-to-use system tailored to the specific needs and prerequisites of farms.
    • Easy to install and easy to expand and customize to the special conditions at your farm.
    • Can also be supplemented with other types of monitoring, such as mobile cameras and special detectors, e.g. at the diesel tank, along fences and to monitor temperatures in different locations. This enables you to gather all critical information for your operations in a single system.
    • You can monitor everything from a smart, user-friendly app on your smartphone or tablet.
    • An affordable, flexible monitoring system that can be adapted to any type of farm.

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