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    Mussel Floats

    Since their introduction these revolutionary mussel floats have substantially increased yields, reduced crop losses, and maximised profits of mussel farmers throughout Ireland, UK, Netherlands, France and Bulgaria.

    The float has patented stability fins which enable it to remain stable in the water as it is able to bob-up-and-down with the waves. This enhanced stability provides optimal growing conditions for the mussels growing in the long-lines underneath. This leads to enhanced yields of at least 30 per cent and improved margin because the mussels grown are of a larger size, and therefore, receive better prices at market. These mussel floats are ideal for inshore and offshore locations, are proven in the most exposed conditions of the Atlantic Ocean, and can significantly improve the profitability of mussel farming enterprises. The inshore and offshore range of mussel floats have been designed to minimise the turbulence that mussels experience in the water, this leads to decreased crop-losses from the rope and increased growth rates of mussels remaining attached to the rope.

    The floats have been tested and submerged to depths of 20 metres and do not crack under pressure. Some standard floats buckle in depths of 3 – 4 metres. In stormy conditions, the robust structure of the floats helps to ensure that valuable mussel crops are not lost which is a frequent problem with standard floats.

    Advantages of the SP-MF Mussel Float Range

    • Patented damper fin around the side to minimise movement
    • Dark colours to minimise visual pollution
    • Keel to enhance stability
    • Extra strong handles for safety